FriXion is the 1st and Only STEM Pen
Receiving Authentication from STEM.org, The Experts in STEM Education

Science Frixion Erasable Pens
  • FriXion erasable pens deliver smooth, mistake-free writing powered by unique, thermo-sensitive ink
  • The science behind FriXion erasable pens embodies the principles of STEM and enables exciting hands-on demonstrations
  • The Science of FriXion is affordable, a easily accessible way to put the power of STEM in the palm of your, and your kid’s, hands

Phil Cook @chemteacherphil

Why STEM is Important

Studies show that kids who are exposed to interesting and informative STEM concepts from a young age are more likely to show interest in pursuing STEM careers.

Help Bring STEM to Life

Pilot is partnering with the experts at STEM.org to offer these downloadable STEM lesson plans perfect for learning and exploring at home or in the classroom.

The Science of FriXion

We’ve also partnered with Chem Teacher Phil to create easy, user-friendly lesson plans and tutorials.

Download FREE Science FriXion STEM Lesson Plans


Help Empower STEM Students

In honor of National STEM Day, our friend Chem Teacher Phil took FriXion Erasable Pens to the Kelly Clarkson Show to demonstrate how temperatures effect the ink with this experiment using a microwave and dry ice!


Explore the Magic of STEM and FriXion

  • FriXion Clicker

    Helping STEM education to click for America’s kids

    Science, math and other STEM fundamentals take practice. That’s where the smooth-writing, clean-erasing FriXion Clicker comes in. As America’s first STEM.org Authenticated™ pen brand, FriXion puts the power of fearless learning just a click away, leaving kids free to write, erase and repeat until they’ve mastered each lesson.

  • FriXion ColorSticks

    A bright way for bright kids to get into STEM

    With vivid colors that keep learning both organized and entertaining, FriXion ColorSticks are the perfect color-coded way to tackle challenging STEM activities. On worksheets, notes and scratch pads, ColorSticks let kids erase and rewrite repeatedly with ease. So while they may be scratching their heads at first, they won’t need to worry about scratching up their assignments.

  • FriXion Markers and Highlighters

    Erasable and perfect for the bold thinking and fine details STEM requires

    Whether they’re highlighting specific reference materials or sketching a big, bold new design of their own, FriXion Colors Bold Point Markers, FriXion Fineliner Fine Point Marker Pens and FriXion Light Highlighters help kids take on STEM tasks fearlessly. They’re free to draw, erase, highlight and revise easily and cleanly. And no matter what they’re focusing on that day, the unique, thermo-sensitive inks used in all FriXion pens make them a science lesson unto themselves.